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There are many factors that one ought to put into place when it comes to oral hygiene. Proper storage of toothbrushes prevents bacterial growth and germs that may cause problems to your teeth. You opt to have a toothbrush holder, which helps in keeping your brushes safe and organized. The market offers a vast range of these holders, and choosing the best for your needs might be challenging.

We have the top ten best toothbrush holders in 2021 in this article to lead you through the purchase since we understand the struggle for searching for the best. It also comes with the buying guide to enlighten you on the factors you should pay attention to during the purchase. Going through the article will save your time and money as well.

The Top 10 Best Toothbrush Holders in 2021

#10. Duckart Home Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is useful for family use since it supports up to five toothbrushes. You can comfortably mount it on the walls, which saves on much space. It also comes with a toothpaste holder that supports any type of toothpaste and automatically dispenses a fixed amount to prevent wastage.

With the use of UV light, the toothpaste holder turns off automatically after 4-5 minutes. It has a durable and sturdy high-quality ABS, which ensures that it serves you for an extended period. It is easy to clean with the inclusive toothbrush holder cleaner.

Duckart Home Toothbrush Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • It prevents toothpaste wastage by dispensing fixed amounts
  • Large capacity to hold your family toothbrushes
  • Supports up to five toothbrushes
  • Mounts on the wall
  • 4-5 minutes auto-off
  • High-quality ABS construction
  • Automatic toothpaste dispenser

#9. KAYLEN Self-Disinfecting Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is useful enough to hold up to five toothbrushes, making it efficient for your family. You can comfortably mount it on the wall as it comes with a wall-mount and thus saves on your limited space as well as adding to the elegance. It also comes with a toothpaste holder where you can place your toothpaste for convenient retrieval.

The toothbrush holder is compatible with any type of toothpaste, making it very efficient. It turns off automatically after 4-5 minutes upon exposure to UV light. It has a durable plastic construction for a long service period, which also prevents the build-up of bacteria.

KAYLEN Self-Disinfecting Toothbrush Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports five toothbrushes effective for family use
  • Saves on the limited space by mounting on the wall
  • Comes with a wall mount
  • Has a toothpaste holder
  • Works with all types of toothpaste
  • Supports five toothbrushes
  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • 4-5 minutes auto shut off

#8. Wekity 015 Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder has a durable and ecofriendly silicone that is friendly to the toothbrush tube. It also prevents any bacterial growth keeping the brush healthy as well as keeps it off from dust with the flip cover design. Cleaning the brush holder is natural and hence keeps your brush safe.

The toothbrush holder comes with 3M adhesive tapes that are on both sides, which makes it effortless to mount on the wall. It also comes with two screws providing you with an alternative mounting procedure. It is convenient to use with the one-touch toothpaste dispenser and requires no batteries for the operation.

Wekity 015 Toothbrush Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Keeps your toothbrush safe from bacteria and dust
  • Save on the minimum space by installing quickly on the wall
  • Automatic toothpaste dispenser
  • Supports up to five toothbrushes
  • Made of Eco-friendly silicone
  • Has a flip cover design
  • 3M adhesive tapes, double-sided
  • Inclusive of two screws
  • Requires no batteries

#7. Linkidea Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder has a strong and durable aluminum construction to offer an extended service period. Installing it is easy and effortless by removing the protective layer and stick it in the position you love. You do not need to drill to install the holder. The advanced adhesive allows you to install it on different surfaces without falling.

You can comfortably hold up to five toothbrushes in the separate holes to prevent any cross infection or bacterial build-up. It measures 4.9″ x 2.2″ x 2.5″ and the ability to mount on the wall saves on much of your space. It also has a toothpaste dispenser for convenient use.

Linkidea Toothbrush HolderĀ 

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Reasons to buy

  • Installs on any surface with the 3M self-adhesive
  • Protects your up to five brushes from bacterial growth
  • Toothpaste dispenser makes it easy to apply the toothpaste
  • Made of space aluminum
  • Has an advanced adhesive
  • Supports up to five toothbrushes
  • Comes with a toothpaste dispenser
  • Measures 4.9″ x 2.2″ x 2.5″
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#6. PURETTA Toothbrush sanitizer and Holder

It is safe to install the toothbrush holder since it is wireless and requires no socket or DC power. You can install it on any location in your bathroom, keeping it organized. It sterilizes your toothbrushes to prevent the build-up of bacteria with the UVC and photo catalyst. It further comes with a toothpaste adapter, which helps to dispense it and fits any type and size of toothpaste.

The toothbrush holder uses smart infrared digital induction to sterilize the toothbrush automatically. It also sterilizes it when the user leaves. It comes with a 2000mA battery, which recharges by light energy with the use of amorphous silicon thin-film solar panel. A full charge takes up to three months of continuous use.

PURETTA Toothbrush sanitizer and Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Self sterilizes your toothbrushes keeping them safe for you
  • Large battery capacity for use up to three months on a full charge
  • UVC and photo catalyst sterilization
  • Uses the smart infrared digital induction
  • Recharges through light energy
  • 2000mA lithium-ion battery
  • Built-in toothpaste adapter
  • Has a wireless design

#5. Toothbrush Holder NHSUNRAY

The toothbrush holder has a sturdy and durable 304 premium stainless steel construction for convenient support and a long service period. It comes with a strong adhesive, which enables it to stick it on any location with many conveniences. It saves on much space by mounting on the wall. Its waterproof design prevents it from rusting and hence maintaining its original elegance.

The toothbrush holder can accommodate up to three brushes without contact to avoid cross infection and bacterial growth. It has a multipurpose use since apart from holding toothbrushes, it also holds razors and other accessories.

Toothbrush Holder NHSUNRAY

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports your toothbrushes conveniently and safely
  • Installs on multiple surfaces enhancing its efficiency
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Three toothbrush positions
  • Has a multipurpose use
  • It is easy to install
  • Has a modern decoration design

#4. AQUATREND UV Toothpaste Holder

The toothbrush holder has a UV LED bulb and a dryer, which improves the speed at which your toothbrush dries up. It helps in killing germs and bacteria, keeping your brush healthy and safe to use. It is rechargeable via a USB, and it also comes with an adapter. It has a capacity large enough for your family by supporting up to five toothbrushes.

The toothbrush holder also comes with a toothpaste holder, which ensures that it is safe from bacteria, and you can easily retrieve it. It also comes with a scotch tape, which is double-sided and sturdy, allowing installation on the wall without falling. With the three custom stickers, you can express your mood or what you feel on the holder.

AQUATREND UV Toothpaste Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Ensures automatic sterilization enhancing its safety
  • Holds your toothpaste to prevent it from bacteria and germs
  • Has five toothbrush slots
  • Rechargeable with a USB
  • Five minutes auto shut off
  • Built-in Ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Three custom stickers
  • Comes with a toothpaste holder

#3. QRANSS UV Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is very useful in killing all the germs to allow you to use a new and clean brush. It is perfect in combating the bacteria that cause bad breath. It comes with multiple racks to support up to four toothbrushes adequate for your small family.

With the use of an infrared sensor, the toothbrush holder sterilizes the toothbrush holder automatically once you come closer and stops when you move away. You can easily install the holder either with the sticky tape or screws, depending on your preference.

QRANSS UV Toothbrush Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Motion sensing makes it useful in its disinfection role
  • Holds four toothbrushes ideal for the family
  • Holds up to four toothbrushes
  • It uses an infrared sensor
  • Installs with tape or screws
  • Comes with stickers
  • Automatic UV disinfection

#2. SIMPLELIFE Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is multipurpose and achieves different roles like supporting razor, toothbrush, among other bathroom accessories. It helps in organizing your space and easier retrieval. It requires no tools to install and is hence making the process easy and effortless.

The toothbrush holder supports up to four toothbrushes conveniently with the slots being nine mm wide to fit even a simple ballpoint pen. It is compatible with all types of toothbrushes, including kids, adults, electric and traditional brushes. It is durable with a 304 stainless steel construction for a long service period.

SIMPLELIFE Toothbrush Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Durable construction for a long service period
  • Comfortably fits all types of toothbrushes.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Holds up to four toothbrushes
  • Compatible with all types of brushes
  • Straight-line slot design
  • Has a multipurpose use

#1. Camco A Pop-A-Toothbrush Holder

It is easy and effortless to mount the toothbrush holder on the wall as it comes with double-sided mounting tape for an efficient process. You can install it in any room of your preference, including the kitchen or the bathroom. It supports two brushes comfortably, preventing them from the bacterial build-up.

Getting your toothbrush from the toothbrush holder is easy and efficient as the cover opens automatically the moment you pull the toothbrush forward. It ensures quick drying of your toothbrush since it is vented. You can use it while traveling since it is lightweight and comes with a protective cover to keep the germs off.

Camco A Pop-A-Toothbrush Holder

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Reasons to buy

  • Has a protective cover keeps your toothbrushes from germs
  • It is easy to mount and on any wall
  • Holds two brushes
  • Comes with a protective cover
  • A double-sided mounting tape
  • Perfectly mounts on the wall
  • Mountable on different locations

Buyer’s Guide

Capacity: The toothbrush holders come in different capacities to hold a certain number of toothbrushes. Depending on your needs or the size of your family, it is essential to choose one that will keep their brushes conveniently.

Price: Some factors cause the difference in pricing of the toothbrush holders, including quality and the brand. We have the ten best in this article where you can compare their prices to come up with a budget and avoid overspending on a low-quality item. Higher prices do not necessarily mean high quality. You should, therefore, be wise during the purchase.

Durability: A durable and robust toothbrush holder is convenient since it will serve you for an extended period. The type of materials making the holder determines its strength. You do not want to buy a toothbrush holder that will break down after a short period of use, messing up with your brushes. You should, therefore, pay attention to quality before purchasing.

Versatility: As much as toothbrush holder is meant to hold toothbrushes, you can use them to handle other accessories. A multifunctional holder is a perfect preference as it will allow you to place your toothpaste, razor, and some other items conveniently. There are those that you can install in any part of the house, including the kitchen, to meet your different needs perfectly.

Safety: It is essential to choose a toothbrush holder that will keep your brush away from germs and bacteria. A cover for this case will help. Other holders sterilize the toothbrushes instantly, which keeps them safe for use even when you forget to do it manually.


Mouth hygiene is one of the most important things you should consider improving. You can do that by sterilizing your toothbrushes and ensuring that you keep them in a neat place to avoid bacterial and germs build up. The above article consists of the top ten best toothbrush holders in 2021, where you can choose the best for your needs among the many in the market.

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