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Are you looking for the footrest for your home or office? If that is the case, there are great footrest products available for your home or office setup. In this article, we have highlighted the top best products in the market that you would consider for your office or home needs. Apart from prices, where most of the people keep their focus, there are many other factors that you should consider and we have given a lot of insight in our buyer’s guide. At the end of this article you will be very well enlightened and ready to make your order!

List of Top 10 Best foot rest in 2021

#10. Foot Rest Cushion

This is a half-cylinder designed cushion that help relieve your legs, knee, lower back, ankle, foot and joints from pain by allowing the leg muscles to relax or rest. It offers a reliable comfort especially for your office or home by eliminating strains and decreasing aching as a result of sitting for a longer period.

In addition, it is designed for multiple purposes as you can flip the foot stool upside down for a continuous motion keeping your feet and legs moving for an improved concentration. Also, by raising the legs, it promotes blood circulation and lessens vein distention.

Foot Rest Cushion

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 Reasons to Buy

  • It is very ideal for your office and can help reduce straining and back pains. It is also very easy to clean, perfect for short people, and light-weighted.
  • It features a half-cylinder shape design
  • Fitted with an inner lining to protect the foam
  • It is light-weighted and portable
  • Enhanced with high-quality cover
  • It has a removable cover for washing

#9. Comforthr Foot Rest

This foot rest is designed to give you a comfortable and multipurpose functionality such as computer foot rest, gaming foot rest, and office desk foot pop. It can offer you with a spinal support which is essential in reducing pain, ease fatigue, lower back pain, and stress hence improving your concentration.

Furthermore, it is having the right height helping you to concentrate on your work, TV show, or reading. You can turn it upside down for legs movement hence improving your blood circulation. It requires less maintenance and easy to wash.

Comforthr Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • Comforthr foot rest is a multipurpose foot rest that you can use for multiple activities like gaming, computer foot rest and office desk foot pop. It is ideal for back pain relief and the velvet cover makes it easier to clean.
  • Equipped with a perfect height for foot rest
  • It is having a firm sponge keeping your feet steady
  • Fitted with a removable velvet for easy cleaning
  • Enhanced with an anti-slip bottom
  • It is half-cylinder shaped

#8. Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest

This is teardrop structured foot rest with an orthopedic design that places your legs and feet in more comfortable and correct position unlike the other half-moon shaped foot rests. Besides, the foot rest is made from the best foam material with no additives perfect for home office accessories like office desk, couch, or chair.

Furthermore, the cover used is equipped with a non-slip bottom to ensure that the footrest always stays in place. The cover is also very soft, durable, removable, and is machine washable making it one of the most effective home office accessories. It is ideal for relieving you from leg and hip pain, foot pain, back pain, and improves blood circulation.

Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • The orthopedic structure makes the foot rest more unique from other foot rest design hence offering a more comfortable experience and multiple use option of your foot rest.
  • Fitted with a machine washable cover
  • Enhanced with non-slip rubber bottom
  • It is made of 100% premium memory foam
  • Features a teardrop structure shape
  • It has an orthopedic design perfect for multiple uses

#7. Ergonomic Foot Rest

This is a premium quality foot rest made of high-quality rebound foam that never defoam easily to offer support for years. It offers you with an efficient comfort and with a soothing velvet fabric which provides for a soft surface for sensational foot massage. Besides, it features a non-slip bottom surface providing an excellent grip ensuring that the foot rest does not slide away while on use.

In addition, the cushion offers multiple use purpose i.e. the floor pillow for lumbar, knee, back, feet pain, neck, and fatigued legs or feet. It also, helps in improving blood circulation and muscle relaxation. It is light-weighted, portable and washable, and ideal for sitting, working at home or office, and sleeping in bed or travelling by plane.

Ergonomic Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • This is convenient for use anywhere with its multi-functional purposes and it is very portable.
  • Features built-in carry on handle for portability
  • Fitted with non-slip bottom
  • Enhanced for use anywhere
  • It is designed to be multi-functional
  • Equipped with a supportive foam in right height
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#6. HUANUO Adjustable Foot Rest

This foot rest is specifically designed to help improve your sitting posture and promote blood circulation by keeping your legs and feet elevated while working in your office, or at home relaxing after a long day. It is capable of adjusting into different heights for you to find the perfect position that suits your needs and therefore, ensures your comfortability while working.

Further, it is equipped with a massage texture surface made of geometric circular bumps that facilitate stress reduction as you work. Also, it is very easy to use as it is pre-assembled, it features non-slip surfaces that enhances stability and has a very sturdy construction to serve for long.

HUANUO Adjustable Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • It gives adjustable capability where you can decide the right height for your comfort and very easy to clean.
  • Features a massage foot rest
  • Enhanced with 3 adjustable heights
  • Fitted an angle adjustment
  • It is designed for multi-functional purposes
  • Equipped with a non-slip bottom

#5. Under Desk Foot Rest

This foot rest has been designed to offer you comfort if you are spending more than eight hours a day seating, the cushion is high quality providing you with additional support that you require to maintain a good posture while working and enhance the natural curve the spine, and promote blood circulation by elevating your legs or feet.

In addition, this foot stool is perfect for everyone who seats for long hours, the half-cylinder shape allows for rocking or static use massaging your feet and improving blood circulation, prevent blood cloth, reduce pressure and many more.

Under Desk Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • It is very easy to clean with the zipper removable cover, enhances blood circulation and comfortable working experience by eliminating pain and fatigue.
  • It is made of 100% memory foam
  • Features a breathable mesh material
  • Fitted with a non-slip bottom
  • Enhanced with a zipper removable cover
  • It features a half-cylinder shape

#4. HOKEKI foot rest

The Hokeki foot rest is designed to relieve you from foot soreness during a busy working day, making your feet have a comfortable relaxing cycle for long distance travelling by bus, flight, and preparing for a pleasant trip. In addition, it is designed to give you comfortable height for foot rest for a stable relaxation, it is also having a non-slip bottom preventing it from sliding while in use and very easy to clean.

It is ideal for back pain relief, knee pain, foot pain, promoting blood circulation, and many more.

HOKEKI foot rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • It can be used to offer you with comfort while travelling hence relieving you from fatigue. It is suitable for working hours while seated promoting blood circulation, reducing back pain and improving concentration.
  • It is made of 100% memory foam
  • Features a breathable material
  • Fitted with a non-slip bottom
  • Enhanced with a zipper removable cover
  • It features a half-cylinder shape

#3. ErgoFoam Foot Rest

This footrest is designed with a non-flattening memory foam that is engineered to offer you with perfect firmness for maximum support. It ensures that you achieve your upright sitting position hence improving your posture reducing fatigue and soreness to your back, legs, feet and knees, and will also improve blood circulation at all times.

In addition, it can be used anywhere ideal for both office and home, or travelling giving you a comfortable relaxing experience that you make require. Also, it is designed in various sizes that you can choose from according to your needs.

ErgoFoam Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • This foot rest compared to other is very firm and wider to offer you more comfort and relaxation as per your need, it also has adjustable height to suit your requirements.
  • It features high density foam
  • Enhanced resistance to flattening
  • It is wider compared to other foot rests
  • Fitted a non-slip bottom
  • It is machine washable

#2. Mind Reader Foot Rest

With this foot rest, you are guaranteed of an improved leg circulation with the adjustable massage surface device that will lift and angle your legs, knees, feet and ankles to a better position reducing stress on your body, improve back pain, neck pain, while working or at home. Besides, it is designed to keep you in a proper posture and sitting position.

In addition, it has a massage textured surface for bottom foot massage for a satisfying relief and stimulation while at work or home. It helps create a comfortable environment where you can sit for anywhere for a long period of time without any challenge.

Mind Reader Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • It is ideal for body posture improvement. The availability of the pebbled foot massage surface improves blood circulation and pain relief hence perfect home or office use.
  • It features adjustable angles
  • Enhanced with a flat design for easy storage
  • Fitted with rigid edges
  • Equipped with a non-slip surface
  • It has pebbled foot massage surface

#1. AmazonBasics Foot Rest

This footrest is designed for under desk placements to offer enhanced comfort while working by raising your feet and legs when sitting in an office or at home. It features a free-floating surface that tilts back and forth to offer with comfortable leg stretches and therefore, increasing blood circulation in the body and relieving you from stress, fatigue and pain.

In addition, it equipped with textured surface that creates a massaging effect on your feet for a perfect relaxation and soreness reduction. Also, it is fitted with a non-slip bottom to avoid movements on the carpet or flor while on use.

AmazonBasics Foot Rest

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Reasons to Buy

  • It is ideal for office, it offers a relaxed, comfortable and stress-free environment by eliminating fatigue and pain. Also, offers a massage which improves blood circulation for better concentration.
  • It features a multipurpose design
  • It has textured surface
  • Fitted with a non-slip bottom surface

Factors to Consider when Purchasing the Best Foot Rests

 Portability: If you would like to carry your footrest with you, make sure you go for the light-weighted and preferably with a handle. Ergonomic footrests that are assembled in separate pieces are more flexible in terms of storage. Likewise, footrest with compact design facilitates easy to carry around.

Stability: You should go for an ergonomic footrest that will always remain in place while on use even when you apply a lot of pressure or move your feet back and forth, the footrest should always maintain its position. Ensure that they are have a non-slip bottom surface!

Pressure Relief: Check to ensure that your footrest can also help massage your feet apart from providing cushioning and stability, this will ensure improved blood circulation.

Durability and Maintenance: You should consider a footrest that will easier for you to maintain through cleaning, and also with assured durability so as to serve for a long period of time without replacement, hence saving you on unnecessary expenses. Check on the quality of the cover, cushion and generally the design material used for construction.

Adjustability: Adjustability is the most important factor to consider when choosing your footrest. Fixed height footrest will be best if you if exactly know your and your desk requirements etc. But, if you are not sure of your height or if you are going to use the footrest with different people, it is good that you go for an adjustable footrest for comfortability.


If you are looking for the best footrest, you must identify your needs and desires first before you make a purchase. You should consider your height, or the height of your target personnel and also check on your office or work space i.e. the desks, chair, and the floor type. Also, consider the need to carry around the footrest and the nature of the footrest you want to buy. It is advisable that you look for a footrest that would entirely meet your demands.

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